Re: RARA-AVIS: Spenser....

From: Juri Nummelin (
Date: 14 Dec 2000

Kevin Burton Smith wrote:

> Didn't you guys read what I said?
> You guys don't have to like Spenser, and I never said you had to, but
> you can't criticize him on one hand for all the very un-Marlowe-like
> things he does, and then on the other write him off as an empty copy.

I've never done that, since I haven't been interested in the books so much as to have read the later novels. I think it's fine if Parker and Spenser have moved beyond Chandler. Chandler is great, but like you say 1949 is over.
(Chandler didn't publish anything in 1949, am I right?)

> If you want to really look at empty mimickry, look at all the Spenser
> clones that have popped up in the last twenty or so years. Some of
> those series have been running on second-hand fumes for years now,
> with nary a glimpse of originality in sight.

Sounds very ugly...


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