RARA-AVIS: Hard-boiled music

From: David White ( dpwhite@eden.rutgers.edu)
Date: 04 Apr 2000

I've noticed recently that more and more hard-boiled authors are using music in their texts. Michael Connelly uses jazz, Harlan Coben uses musicals, Lehane uses classic rock and modern rock, and most noticably Pelecanos uses classic rock/funk. What do you think this does to the pieces? Does it give them more a sense of reality? Does it punctuate certain scenes? Does it fit? I kind of like it, however, usually when I'm reading I'm listening to music at the same time, and find it hard to get the music that is being used into my head. Just curious about what the rest of the list thought as to the author's motivations for using the music and if it is appropriate.


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