RARA-AVIS: My Attempt to start a McBain Thread

From: Roy Epstein ( dortmunder2@yahoo.com)
Date: 13 Jan 2000

After going through the archives recently, I can say with certainity that every one of my HB favorites have been the topic of at least one lengthy discussion on this list...with one major exception; ED MCBAIN! I've always wondered why there's not that much talk about him here. Is he not considered HB enough? God knows, he certainly has enough material to talk about!! He just published his 50th 87th precinct novel(the first one was published in '56'). For my money he still writes the best dialogue in the business(although Leonard is a close second). Anyway, since I'm the one trying to get a McBain dialogue going I'd better kick it off already:

Any other big McBain fans out there? Favorite 87th precinct novels? Mine would be The Pusher, Blood Relatives, Lightning, and the first four Deaf man books. Anybody familiar with the stuff he wrote under the Richard Marsten name. Still haven't read many of those and I was curious about them. He's written under quite a few pseudonynms, including Hunt Collins, Ezra Hannon, Curt Cannon,Jeff Abbott,and let's not forget the mans' ACTUAL name, Evan Hunter.


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