Re: RARA-AVIS: My Attempt to start a McBain Thread

From: Roy Epstein (
Date: 13 Jan 2000

--- Doug Bassett <> wrote:
> Favorite novels? Of the ones I've read I like LET'S
> HEAR IT FOR THE DEAF MAN, which I think is the best
> of
> the Deaf Man books; HE WHO HESITATES, a brilliant
> example of McBain's inventiveness; FUZZ, which I
> think
> was made into a crummy tv movie in the Seventies;
> AXE,
> which has a killer conclusion; SADIE WHEN SHE DIED;
> TRICKS, probably my favorite book of the series; and
> VESPERS which I think is the best of the recent
> novels.
> My favorite character in the series has always been
> Fat Ollie Weeks, and someday, I hope, McBain will
> write an 87th with him as the hero.
> doug
> Hear,hear! a Fat Ollie Weeks novel would be great!
Even though I love Carella, sometimes I wish he would spend more time on some of the other cops, such as Willis, Brown and the crummy cop Parker. FUZZ is my absolute favorite in the series. McBain isn't all that well known for his humor, but this is one of the funniest novels I've ever read. Actually, I believe the movie was in theatres. I didn't mind it as much as other people did. I thought the script was good (which I believe McBain wrote) but the actors couldn't really pull off the characters. Then's been years since I've seen it. TRICKS would also make my top ten. Great crime novel for Halloween!

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