Re: RARA-AVIS: My Attempt to start a McBain Thread

From: Roy Epstein (
Date: 13 Jan 2000

--- Jeff Evans <> wrote:
> The recent NEW YORKER profile on Ed McBain (Jan. 10)
> by Pete Hamill
> made several interesting points. He points to a
> positive change in
> readership toward "police procedurals"--a term
> McBain says he
> dislikes--as a result of the national participation
> in WWII and the
> Korean War and likens the 87th Precinct series to
> one sprawling
> multi-novel about New York City.
> Jeff
> --
> Regarding the multi-novel thing...I believe that was
the author's idea all along. McBain/Hunter has said on more than one occasion that he considers each 87th precinct book as one chapter in a 'giant novel.' In fact his plan was to write the last novel in the series and stick it in a vault or something, only to be published after his passing. This was to ensure that the 'final chapter',so to speak, would be told. I read this several years ago, however. Whether this is still his plan or whether he's actually written the last novel yet, I have no clue.

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