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From: Doug Bassett (
Date: 13 Jan 2000

One of the great things about the 87th precinct novels is how inventive McBain/Hunter has been within the confines of the series. In some ways the books are all the same (a major crime and a subplot or two handled by the men/women of the precinct), but McBain has certainly managed to twist that formula all sorts of ways.

I agree with you on dialog, too. Along with Leonard
(and to a lesser extent, Crumley) he's the modern master of tough, street-smart dialog.

Favorite novels? Of the ones I've read I like LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE DEAF MAN, which I think is the best of the Deaf Man books; HE WHO HESITATES, a brilliant example of McBain's inventiveness; FUZZ, which I think was made into a crummy tv movie in the Seventies; AXE, which has a killer conclusion; SADIE WHEN SHE DIED; TRICKS, probably my favorite book of the series; and VESPERS which I think is the best of the recent novels.

My favorite character in the series has always been Fat Ollie Weeks, and someday, I hope, McBain will write an 87th with him as the hero.


--- Roy Epstein <> wrote:
> Any other big McBain fans out there? Favorite 87th
> precinct novels? Mine would be The Pusher, Blood
> Relatives, Lightning, and the first four Deaf man
> books.

===== Doug Bassett
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