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James Rogers isn't hallucinating or confused. There IS a book called CHANDLERTOWN by Edward Thorpe that is similar in concept to RAYMOND CHANDLER'S LOS ANGELES by Ward and Silver. CHANDLERTOWN is a smaller book but it contains much more critical analysis (and fewer photos) than R.C.'s L.A. It also hit the stands about four years earlier than the larger book.

As companion pieces to RAYMOND CHANDLER IN HOLLYWOOD I can recommend RAYMOND CHANDLER IN FILM by William Luhr which was published in 1982 by Frederick Unger Publishing and RAYMOND CHANDLER ON SCREEN: HIS NOVELS INTO FILM by Stephen Pendo published by Scarecrow Press in 1976.

It seems these concepts have to be tried out a few times by smaller publishers before they get the big slick treatment.

I doubt the original authors get anything for coming up with the ideas first.


P.S. - Of course there is also RAYMOND CHANDLER SPEAKING, a collection of his letters edited by Dorothy Gardiner and Katherine Walker if you want to hear what the man has to say about it all himself.

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