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Reed Andrus (randrus@home.com)
Fri, 27 Aug 1999 21:24:56 -0700

David White says:

> WEll maybe it's because I just read Eight Million Ways to Die, but I
> rented the movie True Crime last night with Clint Eastwood and it sems to
> me it was just Matt Scudder as a new reporter instead of a PI... It was a
> so-so movie, but it might be interesting to see a decent movie adaption of
> a character whether intentional or not. The plot revolves arounda man on
> death row and a reporter trying to get him off in the last hours and of
> course results ina last minute chase... The pieces come together well and
> it's not a happy flick but give it a chance....
> - -Dave

The book, which is ten, maybe twenty times better than Eastwood's dull film rendition, is by Andrew Klavan. It was an Edgar nominee for Best Novel (which year, 1994/1995, somewhere in there), probably should have won. Klavan wrote five very fine noir novels featuring newspaperman John Wells under the name Keith Peterson, one of which, The Trapdoor, did win the Edgar for Best First Novel.

True Crime is a brilliant, manipulative novel, highly recommended.

... Reed

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