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Fri, 27 Aug 1999 23:19:42 -0400 (EDT)

On 27 August 1999, B. Cox wrote:

: May I suggest Cockfighter and The Woman Chaser. Two of my favorites.
: For my money, infinitely more interesting than any of the Hoke Moseley
: novels.

When I reread _Cockfighter_ I'm going to watch for the Ulysses parallels. It completely passed me by when I first readit.

I like the Hoke books--well, I like everything Willeford wrote--and I'd never say his other stuff was "infinitely more interesting." The Hoke books are plenty interesting and anyone could do much worse than to read them.

Has anyone else read _The Difference_? I ordered a copy of the new edition from Dennis McMillan. It's a short Western, a twisted YA novel, that sometimes reminded me of _A Cool Million_ by Nathanael West. I read it in sections while commuting, when I should have read it in one sitting, so I lost some of the effect. The hero, a young man whose father was killed by a rich family of ranchers, seeks revenge. The thing that got me the most was that he was thrown by his horse early on and came to with a gurgling, grating noise in his head, because something had been knocked out of place and a vein was right up against some part of his ear. He has to hum to drown it out, and you don't realize he keeps on humming until another character asks him to stop, days later.


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