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 J.A. Jance lives in my neck of the woods. She does a fair amount of book signing. My wife collects her hardback books. Her first two books were initially published just as paperbacks. I was fortunate to find the first one which had previously been autgraphed with "Bill, start with this one. J.A. Jance" My sweatheart loved it. An interesting thing about Jance. When we asked her how much homework she does on policework she told us "None". There was once a fairly serious crime that happened near or at her residence (she refused to go into details) and it was her own observation from how the police questioned hers and others and their actions that she bases most of her police stuff on.

 Jance is very into being in touch with the community. She can be found anywhere in the state signing books. Even if it means going to a little town called Squim out in the middle of nowhere and sitting at the end of the check out counter at the grociery store. Her husband goes with her on all her trips. He is very adept at running interferance with the more rabid fans.

 At a fund raising auction a few years ago she auctioned off character spaces in one of her Beaumont books. So if your wondering why some restraunts get mentioned, or obscure facts are known about minor characters, it is because somebody got a high bid.

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