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From: sonny (sforstater@yahoo.com)
Date: 12 Feb 2010

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    yes, and i haven't had time to think about all the ways it might make things clearer throughout. but as far as it never bein spoken of, no name calling, etc., how realistic is that? true, when you're there, seeing things, there's not the need to say things necessarily. the reader is gettin the dialog and not seein the full picture, fair enough with no omniscient narrator, but it's harry's story to tell...does he never think about his 'special situation'? never thinks in terms of race? (hell at this point if people who haven't read it are still reading, with the spoiler warnings, tough).

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    I see your point, but it made it MORE realistic to me.  and I think it came up a few times, I just didn't get it until afterwards.  I found that it explained a few things that had struck me as sorta inexplicable when they happened, like the bar fight where the drunk guys wanna beat him up just for being with her.

    Tom Armstrong

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    > before saying anything that might spoil the read, i would recommend this book.

    > i also wonder how realistic the book is to have it never come up before the end. of course that's done on purpose by willeford, but in a way it lessens the realistic nature (if it's realistic even without the end's changes) as i think it would come up sometime if not quite often.


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