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Date: 20 Jan 2010

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    yeah, i'm always interested in discussions of authors/books, whether those i'm familiar with or not. in this case, i certainly know *of* parker/spenser, but have not read a single book.

    and i may never do so. there's certainly still so much old and new i've never read. books by authors i know i like and books by authors i've never read at all.

    one link from many things online today about rbp led to an interview fairly early on in his career. he certainly did not lack confidence. or at least acting that way.

    parker said he was better than hammett and ross macdonald. he felt only with chandler did he have any competition and perhaps competition he could never equal or best.

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    > Well, put, Kevin.  I haven't read him in a long, long time, but I really liked the early Spenser books and thank him for his major role in reviving my favorite genre.
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    It would be useful if people mentioned a few favorites, so that others who don't know them can seek them out. I do see a lot of Parker paperbacks in second-hand stores, but there are a lot of them...




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