RARA-AVIS: DC-area crime fiction and Parker's women

From: Debbi Mack (demack5@comcast.net)
Date: 20 Jan 2010

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    Thanks so much, Joy! I appreciate your kind words about my book. No, not many authors are doing suburban DC, but Pelecanos is definitely one of them. And thank you, Mark, for mentioning Benjamin Schutz's Leo Haggerty series. My TBR list has just expanded again. :)

    As to Susan, I'd say she represents more of a male fantasy figure than a real woman. Parker just never got women. (Of course, some men might say he wasn't alone in that department. :))

    If you ask me, women really aren't all that different from men in numerous ways (naturally, there are a few differences). But, of course, no one asked me. :)


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