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Date: 04 Sep 2009

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    Coincidentally I also just picked up The Spy Who Was Three Feet Tall, but it was Hard Case Crime's recent reprinting of Stop This Man! that got me back on Rabe like a bad habit. It's not great, but not a bad first book. About half way through it almost seems as if he's starting another novel--a story within a story. Now that I'm 3/4 of the way through, I'm wondering how he's going to tie it all together. But I am enjoying it.

    I realized that between HHC, Black Lizard and Stark House all of Rabe's first 10 novels have been reprinted and 15 of his first 19 novels, as well, so there are a lot of used copies of Rabe's books around. With that many books still around it's hard to call him semi- forgotten.


    On Sep 4, 2009, at 11:55 AM, jacquesdebierue wrote:

    > Inspird by rereading Donald Hamilton, I've been on a Gold Medal
    > kick. The latest one I read is Peter Rabe's The Spy Who Was Three
    > Feet Tall. This "spy" is a pygmy nicknamed "Baby". Very funny
    > intrigue novel, frothy and light but extremely well written.
    > Sometimes I am surprised at the care that Gold Medal writers put
    > into their writing. In this case, the dialogue is very well tuned.
    > I may have to go on a Rabe spree here! He wrote plenty, so no lack
    > of material.
    > This guy is another semiforgotten writer from that era. My
    > understanding is that he was quite popular, not top seller but
    > solid (meaning millions of people read him).
    > Anyway, I recommend Rabe to those who don't yet know him. He is
    > agile and intelligent, and he also has a fine sense of humor.
    > mrt

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