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Date: 03 Sep 2009

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    Well Patrick, I guess it turns out there are some folks to whom it remains important to maintain that they never see pornography and would not recognize it if they did. I'm not one of them, mind you. I admit to liking a good chunk of it and even to having written some; enough to have encountered righteous opinion and not be surprised by it.

    On the other hand, there must be many who just don't give a damn. It strikes me that the phrase in discussion is not entirely original. Isn't it really a derivation of the statement, "I don't know anything about art, but I know what I like?"

    Pointlessly yours, Kerry

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        Also, I think that flailing definition of pornography ("I know
      it when I see it") is well known enough to not really be obtuse; I would
      imagine many people on this list would be familiar with it even if, like
      me, they couldn't identify the source.


      My use of the word "obtuse" was largely sarcastic. I thought most Rara Avians would recognize that quote. Was rather surprised that someone didn't. Perhaps its more familiar to US subscribers.

      Patrick King


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