RARA-AVIS: Re: INHERENT VICE: A Report from the Trenches

From: hardcasecrime (editor@hardcasecrime.com)
Date: 22 Aug 2009

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    Kevin asks:

    > were there really protests on the LA streets
    > when STAR TREK was cancelled? Somehow it
    > seems unlikely...Group protests for cancelled TV
    > shows seem seems like a much more recent
    > phenomenon

    The answer is yes. STAR TREK was where the 'group protests for cancelled TV shows' phenomenon began. Now, I can't say for sure there were protests specifically on the streets of LA -- a lot of it took the form of letter-writing campaigns and such -- but there were big protests when STAR TREK was cancelled.

    As for your other question, about INHERENT VICE itself, I admit I had a bit of an 'eh' reaction to it. A batch of nice one-liners ("Can I be frank?"; "How do you know?" "I counted"), but nothing about the book completely knocked my socks off.

    At the risk of sounding heretical (and engaging in some blatant self promotion), I think Pynchon is up to something very similar to what Russell Atwood is doing in his new novel, LOSERS LIVE LONGER (Hard Case Crime's latest, in stores this week), only I think Russell does it better. Oh, Pynchon's got some serious writing chops, no question, and at his best can handle the language like Perlman with a fiddle, but you know what? Atwood's no slouch himself. And I came out of LOSERS more satisfied than I came out of INHERENT VICE.

    Which is not to say I thought INHERENT VICE was bad, but I wouldn't grade it above an A-minus, and when it's Pynchon, you hope for more.


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