Re: RARA-AVIS: Nag, Nag, Nag Noir

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Date: 22 Jul 2009

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    Al asked:
    > Would you (or Kevin) provide some examples of these non-noir noir novels?

    Now that I understand that Kevin's comments are based as much on unrequested submissions to a web site than on a book's publisher labeling everything a "taut, noir thriller," the whole discussion makes a bit more sense.

    He also said:
    > I'd like to see some evidence of this pro-active marketing. My
    > experience is that it comes from elsewhere, usually from reviewers
    > and readers. I'd have thought that noir is too narrow a subgenre for > most big publishers to find it attractive, hence the fondness for
    > the 'thriller' label.

    As I mentioned, I liked Small Crimes very much, but I wouldn't recommend it to a reader who wants to admire and root for the story's protagonist. Like a lot of noir, it's not that kind of book. I wouldn't want to only read books like Small Crimes (or Jason Starr, Scott Phillips, etc.) but I do enjoy them as part of the mix.

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