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Date: 22 Jul 2009

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    Would you (or Kevin) provide some examples of these non-noir noir novels? I'd like to see some evidence of this pro-active marketing. My experience is that it comes from elsewhere, usually from reviewers and readers. I'd have thought that noir is too narrow a subgenre for most big publishers to find it attractive, hence the fondness for the 'thriller' label. Or is this issue perceived to be specific to small presses? In which case, which ones?


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    > Now, let's get on to the far more interesting question you raised, the
    > dilution of the term noir to where it has expanded to apply nearly
    > anything with a gun or a crime. I wonder if it will snap back somewhat
    > when marketing moves on to another label, as rock and roll has (a bit).
    > For a while, rock and roll applied to any and all music marketed to youth,
    > but it's become somewhat more focused as its lost a bit of its market
    > share.

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