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Date: 16 Jul 2009

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    > Actually, Norman Bates is Nothing But existential crisis.
    > But, Mario, you are absolutely correct, the novel is superior to the film(s, though the second film of PSYCHO is a travesty)...PSYCHO II the novel somewhat better than the PSCYHO II the film, with which it shares little, and PSYCHO HOUSE is the worst of Bloch's novels, the only one I'd say doesn't really repay the reading (the further sequels, like the PSYCHO remake, are not really worth the effort either).

    Well, making an industry out of _one_ idea doesn't always pan out. And trying to follow in the steps of Hitchcock is a bad idea. Me, I'm waiting for the remakes/sequels of The Seventh Seal and 8 1/2! I told a guy, about a remake (I omit the title on purpose), that the remake was bullshit -- and he told me that they had made far more money than the original had, so according to him, it was a success!


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