RARA-AVIS: Boss Noir (was "Motel Noir")

From: Kevin Burton Smith (kvnsmith@sbcglobal.net)
Date: 16 Jul 2009

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    Laurent wrote:

    > And Springsteen's songs inspired a few noir adaptations - Indian
    > Runner, a short stories collection inspired by Meeting Across The
    > River, some French short stories.
    > Nebraska is as noir as they come - the title track, Atlantic City,
    > Johnny 99, State Trooper,...

    And don't forget "American Skin" which Bruen used as a book title for his "coming to America" book.

    But my favourite crime song of his is actually a co-write with Warren Zevon. There 's supposedly a boot of Springsteen doing it, but he'd be hard-pressed to out-do Zevon's live version on "Stand in the Fire."
    "Jeannie Needs a Shooter" is a dirty little ditty about true love, betrayal and apparent incest. They must have been channelling their inner Thompson (or possibly Robert Johnson) that day...

    I know for a fact at least one Springsteen song will be performed at that Palmdale Noir crime song thing I'm doing this Saturday.

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