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Date: 15 Jul 2009

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    Great carries the spirit, the flight should I say with the falcon in mind... Išll save the Gault quote...


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    > Blogger and RA guy (iinm) Cullen Gallagher has dug out a WRITER'S DIGEST
    > article from the mid 1950s by the brilliant sports-fiction and crime-fiction
    > (and so-so sf) writer William Campbell Gault:
    > [Gallagher:]
    > Still, Gault ends on a slightly upbeat note (comparatively speaking). I will
    > quote the final four paragraphs of the article in whole as they are not only
    > the most encouraging passages of the article, but I think it's the closest
    > Gault comes to explaining what kept him going through all the hard years.
    > Remember this, if you have written a couple dozen short stories and sold them
    > to national markets, the chances are you know as much about the business as
    > many of the editors you are trying to sell to. You are going to have to write
    > what they want, but always be sure the paths they want you to take are
    > reasonable. The chances are they know what is salable and they must be
    > listened to. But only you can determine what is distinctly yours and that is
    > your road to the ultimate success. Editors come and go constantly and the next
    > man may love what the last man despised.
    > It's all taste and opinion and one man is different from the next. Mr.
    > Faulkner might not appreciate Mr. Spillane, but that is also true in reverse.
    > None of this need concern you. Out there, beyond the lighted limits of the
    > place you sit and type, somebody is waiting for the kind of thing you write.
    > Writing can never be more than communication and should never be less.
    > So what do you do? You keep typing.
    > And here's Ed Gorman's commentary on the Gault piece:
    > Todd Mason

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