RARA-AVIS: westner vs noir, cowboy vs private eye

From: Bengt Eriksson / Media I Morron I Dag (bengt@mediaimorronidag.se)
Date: 05 Jul 2009

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    I´m reading all of James Crumley to write a piece - presentation, essay, whatever - om him for a Swedish book about noir and hard boiled crime authors. The american private eye is/was always a relative to the american cowboy but it seems to me that Crumley´s fiction is/was the closest to western/cowboy novels that american noir crime novels will ever get.

    So I´m thinking about the connection between the two - or the one - genre(s), between american crime novels and the myth of the american western and cowboy myth. Has there been anything written about this? Am I right? You have any thoughts that can send me in the right direction when I start writing? Any suggestion of other american crime writers who come close to western cowboy novels - or writers of cowboy fiction who come close to crime novels? Or anything!

    Bengt Eriksson

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