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From: Mark Sullivan (
Date: 18 Jun 2009

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    Al:> Ted Lewis was outstanding. Real shame that Get Carter/Jack's Return Home is
    > the only book currently in print.

    That's a damn shame. I've managed to track all of his down, but still haven't read a few: All the Way Home and All the Night Through,The Rabbit or Plender. Of those I've read, I'd place GBH at the top, just edging out Get Carter. Boldt is the only one that has been a bit disappointing. Today I started thinking about Carl Hiaasen's books. I read four or five before I kind of burned out on him. His books regularly feature people who lose multiple body parts, one of whom replaces a missing hand with a weed whacker. And this is definitely used for humor. So why doesn't he get the grief that some of the "slapstick noir" people get for their grievous bodily harm? Is it simply darkness of tone and that it only happens to buffoonish bad guys? Mark

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