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From: Allan Guthrie (
Date: 18 Jun 2009

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    From: "Mark Sullivan" <>
    > Nice summary, Al. And damn, GBH was a great book. I need to pull that
    > out and reread it.

    Ted Lewis was outstanding. Real shame that Get Carter/Jack's Return Home is the only book currently in print.

    > However, I never meant to imply that being movie-ready is synonymous with
    > "straightforward." Not at all. I don't think of Tarantino as
    > straightforward, either.

    He certainly isn't. I read the script of the latest a few months back, and it's quite something. I just hope it translates from the page to the screen.

    <<I forgot Charlie Higson's Getting Rid of Mr Kitchen. That certainly fits in here. It's basically a comedic variation on Hitchcock's Trouble with Harry. Make that a more comedic variation.>>

    Higson, Christopher Brookmyre and Douglas Lindsay were big influences on my early (unpublished) books. Fine writers.


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