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From: Joy Matkowski (
Date: 01 Jun 2009

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    What's scary about Nancy Drew?
        I just finished Perry Mason's Case of the Calendar Girls (or something like that), in which he, Della Street, and the client were climbing over a high estate wall topped with barbed wire and broken glass, with a pack of dobermans leaping up at them with gnashing teeth. The client left enough shreds of his clothes behind for the police to ID him via his dry cleaners. Not sedentary. Joy

    James Michael Rogers wrote:
    > What Fred Willard said. I too have dipped a toe (or more) in that world. Macho puffery is apt to get you hurt, and hurt badly. You have to make sure that "your mouth doesn't write a check your ass can't cash". Be polite and know where you are.
    > By the way, did anyone else read the article in the NY Times about all of the female Justices being Nancy Drew fans? How scary is that? But what annoyed me was the alleged reporter saying that Judge Sotomeyor graduated to reading the "less-physical" Perry Mason stories. Less Physical - you've got to be kidding. I can't recall whether Mason actually started in Black Mask or not, but his early books were definately informed more by a Continental Op sensibility than they were by Judge Learned Hand. You can always tell the folks who know Perry Mason through Raymond Burr rahter than from actually having read the Gardner novels.

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