Re: RARA-AVIS: talking tough

From: Gerald So (
Date: 01 Jun 2009

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    Hello, all.

    Sorry I didn't get to respond on this topic sooner.

    Dave Zeltserman wrote:

    << Gerald, I wasn't talking about his fiction, just reporting his answer to an interview question. If I were going to speculate and try to psychoanalyze his answer, I'd would've said he's starting to think he's the same tough guy he writing about... >>

    I know you weren't analyzing his answer; I was. I was also using it as a jumping-off point to the topic of how writers translate life material into fiction.

    Analyzing Child's answer further, I don't think he was equating himself with Reacher. He said, "Would I like to meet a couple of AQ folks in a dark alley somewhere? You bet. Would Reacher like to meet 19? Equally."

    It seems he has a clear sense of what he can do compared to Reacher's fictitious heroic feats. Still, I do identify with frustration at being attacked and not being in a position to square things. I think we've all felt that way from time to time, and those who don't write about it can read about it with empathy.


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