Re: RARA-AVIS: Disappearance of the Private-eye and detetive film

From: Patrick King (
Date: 18 Mar 2009

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                What¹s the story with actors going into politics in the US...when did this

    start...why. .?...what¹ s the drive...?... yet, they don¹t make commercials for

    Œnormal¹ products and yet they (all the big movie stars) make thousands of

    commercials for products in other countries from Euro to Japan, from

    Argentina to Russia...but there are not many actors from Œother countries¹

    going into Œpolitics (if you call Œgovernor¹ politics...that is, as opoosed

    to business...) in their own countries... ????


    Ronald Regan I suspect. He was considered a pretty bad actor, but he was a good spokesman for various products. He could, unlike Richard Nixon, his elected predecessor in the Republican party, take directions. And he became a very popular, if not actually successful, President of the United States.

    The United States is a nation that will hire a pop star to be it's executive officer. Most other nations won't do that. But there is a pop element to the election method in the US which is very important during that process. It is much less important doing the actual job but, as we see right now, it is good for a President to appear a lot on television and in media if he has the charisma to carry it off. Actors are more apt to have this quality and many of them have strong political beliefs perhaps because most start in theater and so are subconsciously influenced by playwrights who nearly all have and have always had political agendas.

    Patrick King


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