Re: RARA-AVIS: Disappearance of the Private-eye and detetive film

From: Patrick King (
Date: 18 Mar 2009

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    The movies? which is what this thread started about. It's almost like pouring money down a rat hole to make a PI film. Would be nice if Joe Gores SPADE AND ARCHER was made into a movie and started a new trend. But it's highly unlikely.


    Like many good films, the premise often comes from a book. "Everything old is new again." Were publishers standing in line waiting for someone to come up with the idea of a boy wizard to sell millions of books & movies? Popularity is fashion. Whatever is popular today will be unpopular tomorrow. All anyone needs to do is find a new twist on the old PI theme, add it to a good yarn and you've got your next PI best seller. It will happen. No one expected Dupin or Inspector Bucket to launch a genre, but they and others were already in place when Conan Doyle added a few twists and a different perspective and created the most popular private eye of all time. If we want to knock the ball out of the park, we can't expect to do it imitating Hammett & Chandler as every PI author has done for the past 50 years. Find a new idea and a new perspective, tell a good story and you'll see the private eye genre surge with life.

    Patrick King


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