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Date: 05 Mar 2009

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    Depends on the course. There are quite a few crime writers on the course I'm currently studying at Lancaster. And there's a course starting at Napier University in Edinburgh where the focus is on genre fiction.


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    > MFA programs in creative writing can be horrible snobs, even today. This
    > is probably not news to a lot of people. I was in at the Univ of Arkansas,
    > which actually is a "well respected" writing program due to the quality of
    > its founding instructors, Jim Whitehead and Bill Harrison -- anyway, I was
    > in classes in the early 90s w/ a guy who'd published at least 3 crime
    > novels in hardback, and they basically treated him like the hired help. It
    > was frustrating for him -- he had an agent and was selling his books --
    > but it wasn't "literature." I gave up on the program after a year and a
    > half, partly for that very reason.
    > Don

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