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Date: 05 Mar 2009

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    MFA programs in creative writing can be horrible snobs, even today. This is probably not news to a lot of people. I was in at the Univ of Arkansas, which actually is a "well respected" writing program due to the quality of its founding instructors, Jim Whitehead and Bill Harrison -- anyway, I was in classes in the early 90s w/ a guy who'd published at least 3 crime novels in hardback, and they basically treated him like the hired help. It was frustrating for him -- he had an agent and was selling his books -- but it wasn't "literature." I gave up on the program after a year and a half, partly for that very reason.


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    > so, 'they read as if they were meant to be sold' is supposed to be a negative criticism? as opposed to it meaning 'you don't need us, you're already good'.


    Precisely my thought on reading this ridiculous statement. If it's not meant to be sold, what is it meant to do? Sleep in a drawer? The other stuff, about "this is no literature" is the usual, still alive though maybe mending a bit.









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