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Date: 02 Feb 2009

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    > <> wrote:
    > >
    > > I must take up your statement above, though. The notion that "given free
    > > will, man chooses evil sums up that philosophy perfectly" gave me pause.
    > >
    > > After all, this statement strikes me as (perhaps intentionally, perhaps
    > not)
    > > decidedly deterministic. I find that ironic, given the idea of "free
    > > will." Your summation above seems to push the point that "free will" is
    > not
    > > actually "free." (e.g. the notion that given an unencumbered "choice" that
    > > the individual will always choose is that actually "free"?)
    > >
    > > While that's hardly a new notion (see book one of Milton's PARADISE LOST,
    > > for example), it does seem pretty broad brush coming from someone whose
    > > posts I've enjoyed for many years chiefly because of their erudition and
    > the
    > > subtlety of the insights expressed within them.
    > >
    > > So is it "free will" if the unencumbered choice is always the same one?
    > >
    > > I realize it might seem as if I am setting up a straw man here, but the
    > > question is sincere.

    erudite? subtle? insight? you must be thinking of someone else. I'm about as subtle as a black widow on a birthday cake

    regarding your take that my using the word "choose" meant "always choose", I wasn't necessarily being that definitive, but I can see how one could read that from my statement. I don't really post with the idea that my off the cuff ramblings will be parsed so closely

    so I'll clarify. the idea that having his free will restored, a man then embraces his evil nature perfectly sums up my personal philosophy of noir

    we cool?

    John Lau

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