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From: Gonzalo Baeza (gbaeza@gmail.com)
Date: 09 Nov 2008

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    Tim Lane's graphic novel is definitely noir, although the criminal element is secondary to the character's bleak existences and the overall grim outlook of the stories. The back cover blurbs compare Lane to Goodis, but I think that might be taking it too far. Still, it's a great read.

    I also enjoy Criminal. The writing and art complement each other like in few other comics. I am currently filling the gaps in my 100 Bullets collection so I can sit down and read all 12 published volumes.

    I'll look out for The Big Hoax. I really like Mandrafina's artwork. There's one series of his I grew up reading called "Savarese" that is particularly noteworthy. It's a long saga about policemen and gangsters that was originally published in Argentina. I think some translations were issued in Italy but it's a shame it never made it to the U.S. The stories were written by the Paraguayan Robin Wood (yes, that's his real name), another unknown but very entertaining comics writer. I have a few of the originals scanned in case anyone is interested in reading them.



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    > > For those who read comics, I recommend this excellent noir graphic
    > > novel. It's possibly the best comic book I read this year:
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    > > http://www.playbackstl.com/content/view/8213/167/
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    > Thanks for the recommendation.
    > I'm always on the look out for noir comics.
    > Recent reads I've enjoyed have been Roberto Mandrafina & Carlos
    > Trillo's magic-realist-noir 'The Big Hoax' and the latest trade
    > collection of Brubaker and Phillips's 'Criminal'.
    > Sean Shapiro

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