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Date: 22 Oct 2008

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    > Recently I've stumbled across a 1950-1960 hardbound book series
    from the The Detective Book Club - each volume contains three novels
    - one volume included a novel by Lionel White (Invitation to Violence), Alan Amos (Fatal Harvest) and Doris Siegel (How Still My Love). The series seems somewhat akin to a reader's digest version of bestselling novels. Can anyone tell me something about this series? Are the novels abridged versions of the published novels?

    I assume you're talking about a series of "triples" with very basic, cardboardy, often greenish covers. The novels are not abridged, at last the ones I have read. Over the years I have amassed many of these from yard sales, estate sales and such. They are a good way to find reading copies of long out of print material, such as the Lionel White you mention. The series lasted at least into the seventies, if I recall correctly. One of the worst novels I have ever read, penned by Frank Gruber, came in one of these triples. It was about the red scare.



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