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From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 01 Sep 2008

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    > Behalf Of Randy Krbechek

    > I just finished one of the new Hard Case titles, "No House Limit" by
    > Steve Fisher (1958). . . Just a good, fast-paced story, with lots of
    > details and lore mixed in.

    Too much detail in my opinion...I felt it really bogged the story down and detracted from strong characterizations. I didn't care for NO HOUSE LIMIT. I've read a couple other Steve Fisher books, and found both more compelling than this novel.

    My luck with HCC has been hit-and-miss lately...I picked up ZERO COOL, BABY MOLL and NO HOUSE LIMIT, and read them one right after another. The only one I truly cared for was Lange's ZERO COOL, but even that one was problematic in spots. NO HOUSE LIMIT I mention above, and Farris' BABY MOLL was both predictable and, frankly, dull.

    I don't find these books to be representative of HCC, though -- more the exception(s) than the rule. They can't all be winners.

    Ron C.

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