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Date: 20 Aug 2008

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    > Mario wrote:
    > "Nicholson has been in more masterpieces than any other modern actor I
    > can think of."
    > DeNiro, maybe?
    > I agree Nicholson's had a great career, but I think he's now mostly just
    > playing Jack. I guess that's part of success/celebrity in Hollywood.
    > People, both fans and producers, come to see you in a certain way and
    > come to you with more of the same. Luckily, with him, it's often good
    > "more of the same." For example, Departed was great and he was great in
    > it, but it was nothing new for him, didn't stretch him in any way.

    True. And I should have said modern _American_ actor. Mastroianni died relatively recently and I think he's hors concours. But Tatsuya Nakadai and Max von Sydow are still at it, and their lists are very impressive.

    Back to books, folks!



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