Re: RARA-AVIS: The Breaking Point (Calling our man Beaver)

From: Patrick King (
Date: 26 Jun 2008

--- On Thu, 6/26/08, Kevin Burton Smith <> wrote: And BUS STOP's such a hard-boiled film too. Can a discussion of Woody Allen's personal life be far away?


Kevin, you mean you don't see the noir side of BUS STOP? Let's see, we have a saloon dancer caging fake drinks from unsuspecting customers, an ultra macho cowboy who won't take no for an answer, a local cafe with implied extra curricular activities, and the dance hall girl and cowboy go off together in the end... happily ever after? You think? There's humor in most of Jim Thompson and Elmore Leonard, too, but that doesn't make them any less noir. You have to read into the subtext of BUS STOP to reach its cold gray underbelly.

Patrick King


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