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Date: 27 May 2008

I've only read an excerpt, from an Upton Sinclair anthology I reviewed. And I've heard that a lot of liberties were taken with the book. The section I read had Dad and his son driving around trying to buy up leases.

Sinclair was a very interesting man. He ran for governor of California in 1934 on the EPIC platform (end poverty in California) and was too radical for FDR to endorse. He lost, in part, due to the manipulation of news in newsreels by big Hollywood studio execs. This is all documented in a book called "Campaign of the Century."

But back on topic... the character Daniel Day-Lewis plays is certainly an American type, and reminded me of the John Huston character Noah Cross in "Chinatown." So there's a noir connection.


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>I caught this the other night on DVD and it could be the best movie
>I've seen in years, and while not a crime move, it certainly has a
>noirish inevitibility about it, as well as other noirish aspects. Also
>an amazing performance by Daniel Day-Lewis--his winning best actor
>oscar was well deserved.
>Anyone read the Upton Sinclair novel this eas based on, and if so, how
>closely does the movie follow it?
>--Dave Z.
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