RE: RARA-AVIS: Sleeping Dogs-Ed Gorman

From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 27 May 2008

I just finished this one myself a couple night ago, and was similarly pleased with it. I don't think it ranks with his best work--and that cover is atrocious--but it's an entertaining and insightful work. It's also surprisingly quiet.

Ron C.

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> I read Ed Gorman's new novel over the holiday weekend, and I found it
> to be quite entertaining. It's a political thriller, but not in the
> "Oh my God! Terrorists are trying to kill the President!" sense. (It's
> hard to get worked up over those sort of thrillers because the
> position of vice president exists because the Founding Fathers, in
> their great wisdom, realized that a lot of people would probably want
> to kill the president at any given time.) Gorman's novel is about the
> real, very unglamorous world of campaigning, and the people who do it
> from the candidates on down. It's quite believable and well paced, and
> even the minor characters end up being complex and well rounded. I
> bought this book because of strong recommendations on a few blogs, and
> I was not disappointed.

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