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From: Nathan Cain (
Date: 26 May 2008

I live at the Parks at Briacrliff, which is right there at that intersection.

On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 5:48 PM, Richard Moore <> wrote:
> Ha! When in the area, I stay with my daughter who lives near the
> intersection of N. Druid Hills and Briarcliff. I always thought Druid
> Hills would be a great address for a horror writer. The next time I
> am coming down I will email you and perhaps we can meet for a coffee
> or drink. To tie this into another thread, my daughter works at
> DeKalb General Hospital's emergency room, the second busiest in the
> area. From 3 pm to 11 pm, she is charge of evaluations of anyone
> coming in presenting possible mental health issues. I mention this
> in passing, not to suggest it might one day be useful information.
> Other bookstores in that area include the Book Nook on N. Druid
> Hills, which has a large selection of used paperbacks, hardbacks,
> DVDs, CDs and new and used comics. There's also the Eagle Eye Book
> Shop at the corner of Clairmont and N. Decatur Road, which has a
> reasonable selection although they annoy me by shelving mysteries in
> with the general fiction.
> Richard Moore
> --- In, "Nathan Cain" <IndieCrime@...>
> wrote:
>> Thanks for the recommendation. I live in Atlanta and work in
> Decatur,
>> and I've been in the process of checking out the bookstores near
> where
>> I work and live. I live in N. Druid Hills and work at the Department
>> of Juvenile Justice, so I've got a lot of stores to visit (DeKalb
>> County's public library system isn't too shabby either.) Next time
>> I've got a jones for books I'll head that way on my lunch break.
>> On Mon, May 26, 2008 at 3:58 PM, Richard Moore <moorich@...> wrote:
>> > The last few days I've spent in Atlanta and wanted to pass on a
>> > bookstore recommendation. I grew up near Atlanta and lived there
> for
>> > years and have frequented used book stores in that city for a
> long,
>> > long time.
>> >
>> > The best used bookstore I know of in the Atlanta area is Books
> Again
>> > in the close-in suburb of Decatur. It is at 225 N. McDonough
> Street
>> > near the Agnes Scott campus.

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