RARA-AVIS: Bodies are Dust (Writers who have "disappeared")

From: Jeff Vorzimmer ( jvorzimmer@austin.rr.com)
Date: 05 May 2008

Tonight I went to pick up P. J. Wolfson's Bodies are Dust at the library and when I opened the book, I noticed that someone had scrawled on the title page, "Very vicious--should not be in library." I laughed out loud. I flipped back to the fly page where the due dates are stamped and saw that the book had been checked out many times in the 1930s and 40s, but then I saw that the due date of the previous borrower, stamped just above mine, was March 27, 1948. No one had borrowed the book in over sixty years!

Talk about your forgotten, neglected writers who have faded into obscurity.


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