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Date: 13 Apr 2008

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> Marks wrote:
> "Was there a specific point at which the Spenser
> novels became less
> interesting? I liked the early ones too, . . . I do
> remember really
> liking #6 and #7, Looking for Rachel Wallace and
> Early Autumn . . ."
> Funny, those were the ones that started my
> disillusionment with
> Parker/Spenser. The one sided feminist debate in
> the one and the
> exagerrated Hemingway macho (make you a man by
> building a house in the
> woods) in the other were just too much for me.
> Mark
I think the decline began when Parker allowed Susan to return from her returning as a psychologist. It was completed by her obtaining the dog.

I wonder if all this was reflecting Parker's personal life. From what I remember he and his wife lived in the same building but in non-connecting wings.

You and I have discussed Crais' Elvis Cole retaining the wrong girlfriend. At least in the last I read in the series they were splitting and a woman nearly identical to the one Crais killed off is still around. A third Mark

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