RARA-AVIS: Re: Recent finds on opposite sides of the continent

From: vagrantpacific ( pacificvagrant@gmail.com)
Date: 13 Apr 2008

> What is the attraction in the Spenser series, in your opinion? I mean,
> sociologically, who does it a appeal to?
> Best,
> mrt

I love Robert Parker and I love Spenser, and I love the standalones that Parker wrote, especially Love And Glory. I basically learned to read off the Spenser books, which isn't to say they're simple. Minimalism can be extremely accessible, but that doesn't it easy to create - just the opposite, as I've found with some of my experiments in aping Parker's style. What is wonderful about the Spenser books are the characters, which are complicated and feel real, while still staying glued to the mythic genre conventions. I love the fact that nothing really happens in the books, and the mysteries are usually pretty banal. Park loves the genre but also recognizes how silly most of its conventions are and is able to walk the line between wry and gusto. He never falls into irony. Even when some of his books really suck, they still play oh so cool.

adam haynes

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