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Date: 09 Mar 2008

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> It's not the tradition that I was being overly
> snotty about, I've got no
> problem with it, even enjoy it, but the heavyhanded
> symbolism Stone so
> often employs. And I'll even allow that I'm
> probably responding more to
> this aspect in his later films and retroactively
> applying it to Platoon
> which, along with Salvador, is one of his few films
> I've seen that I did
> not actively dislike. I always feel he's hitting me
> over the head and
> trying to manipulate me, two of the worst artistic
> crimes in my book,
> along with pretension.
****************************************************** I have to say I hated THE DOORS & NATURAL BORN KILLERS. I was disposed to like both of them but came away thinking they were just awful. I very much enjoyed NIXON, despite the total miscasting of Anthony Hopkins. He gave an excellent performance nonetheless. And I thought JFK was something that needed to be said, and was well-said. That assassination is still the elephant in the room of American politics. ALEXANDER, though, was totally over the top and for the most part miscast as well. It seems like Stone is too prolific for his own good. Every other film is pretty good, and occasionally he hits a home run. But when they stink you have to wonder how he can wander so far afield. I'm kind of looking forward to his remake of THE FOUNTAINHEAD. Cooper was so good as Roark in the original, it's a dangerous decision to take it on. Like trying to remake CASABLANCA. The casting of Roark is the most important part of making the film and I just pray he doesn't use Sean Penn. Roark is a stoic. Penn is known for his ability to emote. There are not to many stoic actors out there right now. He better cast carefully.

Patrick King

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