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From: m23to53 ( library.john@virgin.net)
Date: 09 Mar 2008

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> Eric C:
> "I have a book called 'The LIves of Harry Lime ' by 'Orson Welles
> others'. Its a volume of short stories about the Harry Lime
character. [Pocket
> Books 1952]
> The authors listed are, 'Welles, Sigmund Muller,Robert Cenadella,
> Cochran, Carl Jampel, Jonquil Anthony, Virginia Cooke, Peter Lyon,
Bud Lesser
> and Irwin Ashkinazy."
I believe the book (originally published here in UK by Jarrolds the same year) is a tie-in to the 1951-52 radio series, The Lives of Harry Lime. Starred Orson Welles and was a 'prequel' to the film. Produced by the independent producer Harry Allan Towers (in UK?), only ten episodes (of the 50 plus) were broadcast by the BBC while the series was syndicated to stations in the US. Jonquil Anthony (actually Antony) is best known for her writing for the BBC radio soap 'Mrs Dale's Diary'. Robert Cendella and Bud Lesser were also scriptwriters, but in US I believe. I assume a Google search or similar will show the other names to be scriptwriters too? I gather the series is available as downloads at www.archive.org if anyone is interested.


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