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Date: 28 Feb 2008

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> Malcolm Braly's first novel, a Gold Medal PBO called FELONY TANK, made
> minor crime fiction history when it became one of the only two PBO
> novels ever to be nominated for Edgar awards prior to the 1969
> institution of the Best Paperback Original Novel category.
> Braly's nomination was for Best 1st Novel of 1961. It lost to Suzanne
> Blanc's THE GREEN STONE, which also made minor crime fiction history by
> being the first and only novel to be nominated for two different Edgar
> awards in two different categories in the same year. In addition to
> winning for Best 1st, it was nominated for Best Novel, losing to J.J.
> Marric's GIDEON'S FIRE.

And what became of Braly? He seems utterly forgotten these days. Anotherguy I like from that era is serial goldmedalist Aarons... I don't know if he actually traveled to all those exotic places, but he wrote a damn good yarn. I think I have all his Gold Medals, a bunch of them found together at a yard sale... nobody wanted them, I'm sure.



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