RARA-AVIS: Re: Malcolm Braly

From: Allan Guthrie ( allan@allanguthrie.co.uk)
Date: 28 Feb 2008

Hmm. I'm not sure you can say that Braly's utterly forgotten when most of his novels are still in print.

Somewhere I read something memorable about Aarons but unfortunately the source wasn't quite as memorable. Despite the Assignment series taking place in various diverse locales, I believe (if my memory isn't completely at fault) that Aarons didn't travel to many of the places he wrote about. Instead, to ground the reader in the foreign locale, Aarons devised a certain 'trick' whereby he'd refer to the occasional banal item (clothing, wildlife, food, etc) in the native language of the country he was writing about and, voila, instant exoticism and a dose of credibility. I liked Assignment-Treason quite a bit.


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> And what became of Braly? He seems utterly forgotten these days.
> Anotherguy I like from that era is serial goldmedalist Aarons... I
> don't know if he actually traveled to all those exotic places, but he
> wrote a damn good yarn. I think I have all his Gold Medals, a bunch of
> them found together at a yard sale... nobody wanted them, I'm sure.
> Best,
> mrt

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