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From: jimdohertyjr (
Date: 28 Feb 2008


Re your comment below:

> I have fond (but vague) memories of the work of Malcolm Braly. Not a
> household name, but I remember him as very good. I can't recall titles
> but I still have the books.

Sent this already but somehow it seems to have gotten lost in the ether of cyberspace.

Malcolm Braly's first novel, a Gold Medal PBO called FELONY TANK, made minor crime fiction history when it became one of the only two PBO novels ever to be nominated for Edgar awards prior to the 1969 institution of the Best Paperback Original Novel category.

Braly's nomination was for Best 1st Novel of 1961. It lost to Suzanne Blanc's THE GREEN STONE, which also made minor crime fiction history by being the first and only novel to be nominated for two different Edgar awards in two different categories in the same year. In addition to winning for Best 1st, it was nominated for Best Novel, losing to J.J. Marric's GIDEON'S FIRE.


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