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Date: 08 Feb 2008


I've heard from someone else that Black Lizard did put out the earlier version, the one from 1962, not the 1973 rewrite.

But thanks greatly for the sentence by sentence comparisons between the two. I found the changes very interesting.

It certainly sounds as though the rewrite wasn't all that extensive, not nearly as much as I'd been led to believe. But that same someone else I mentioned above says there were some subtle but major changes in the Earl Drake character. I've asked for permission to quote him, and assuming that I do, I'll post what he told me in full.



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> Steve,
> I have both Gold Medal versions of Name of the Game is Death, but I
> don't have the Black Lizard version to compare them to. However, some
> time ago, I posted this comparison, so perhaps you can tell us which BL
> used:

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