Re: RARA-AVIS: The Cold Six Thousand

Date: 12 Dec 2007

I completed the Cold Six Thousand, and, after re-reading Tabloid am now in the throes of re-reading the 6,000 again (and already getting sick of the, I suppose neccessary, previously in Underworld USA)... I'll report back when
(and if) I've finished, but I do remember enjoying it less than Tabloid the first time around, although I charged through it - another
  I like the Ellroy prose style - the gimmick if you like - of stacatto riffing and repetition, although I think it demands a completely compelling plot
(which I think was delivered more succesfully in Tabloid than 6,000) and I think
 he was working towards it but hadn't perfected it by the time of White Jazz. I don't think it would be unfair either to remark that Brit crime writer David Peace (well worth a look) took a close to uncomforably big leaf from the Ellroy Style Guide for his Red Riding Quartet - I would have reccommended his The Damned United here (it's certainly noir) but sadly it's all about football/soccer (and my team, Leeds United!) so doesn't really fit on this list, but it's getting very high praise in this country in a way which I've found typical of the literary establishment's disdain for crime fiction - I don't think it has the pace and verve of his crime writing at all.

To those who say he has a great book in him, to my mind he's already got it out of him with Tabloid and I very much doubt he'll top it, I'm already starting to wonder if he might not have been reigned in a little more editorially for 6,000, which runs quite long and already seems to move a little slower in plot terms than Tabloid.
  I am waiting for the final part of the trilogy, and look forward to see what he does next - I half expect the first Joycean hard boiler. (Please correct me if there's already been one)

I don't want a pony, but can I have six thousand quid in used nelsons?

All the best Avians.
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