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Date: 11 Nov 2007

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> forgotten.
>> It's even worse for the mid-listers. Consider T. Arthur Plummer.
>> As I wrote here:
>... And now? He's not even a footnote.
>And how about George Harmon Coxe? I don't think a single book of his
>has been in print in recent times. Maybe he wasn't such a hot writer,
>but he did much respectable work in the PI genre... and today you
>wouldn't even know he existed. And we have already discussed the case

When my Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes comes out I hope to open some eyes--not those on this list, obviously, but out there--on the amount and quality of work that authors like Plummer and Coxe did. There's so much great stuff published before 1945...I long for the day when it all clears copyright and can be put online. Alternatively, when estates stop having inflated estimations of their authors' worth and allow reprints to be done without extortionate fees beforehand. Naming no manes, of course.


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